Services We Offer

AIASL Frontline staff are the key interface between our customer airlines and their passengers who play a leading role in offering the customer services that are essential and benchmark for it's Ground Handling operations.

AIASL staff are extensively trained to offer assistance to passengers with special needs like unaccompanied minors and with reduced mobility. With our comprehensive range of services including 'Meet and Greet' services, we have been making the travel of Air Passengers convenient and safe.

Our Passenger & Terminal services include:

  • Check-in Services
  • Manage Gate Activities
  • Manage Airport Ticketing
  • Meet and Greet and VIP Handling services
  • Arrival Services
  • Manage Lost and Found Facilities
  • Administration and Supervision Services
  • Station Management Services including transfers and disruptions
  • Passengers with reduced mobility assistance
  • Airside Transportation for passengers and crew
Services under Traffic Operations include :

  • Flight Documentation and Planning
  • Crew Briefing
  • Weight and Balance
  • Load Plan and Load Sheet
  • Flight Supervision

Our load planners are well trained and ensure the safe departure of Aircraft with maximum payload.

100% dedicated to ensure timely baggage delivery as per Airport & Airline SLA.

Through our State-of-the-Art Ground Support Equipment, we deliver a wide range of Ramp Services, which include :

  • Baggage Handling
  • Marshaling
  • Parking
  • Cooling/Heating
  • Ramp to Flight-deck Communications
  • Loading/Unloading
  • Provision of Pushback vehicles
  • Air Starter Units
  • Ground Power Units
  • Potable Water Units
  • Toilet Servicing Units
  • Moving of Aircraft

While we are equipped to handle cargo at all the Airports currently being served by us with our warehouse facility at Mumbai and Chennai, we handle 250 thousand tonnes cargo annually. With the best-in-class facilities and State-of-the-Art cargo handling support technologies, our handling services are diligent and efficient. We continually raise industry standards by adopting and adapting the latest technology to make our logistics the most efficient and reliable.

Our Cargo services include:

  • Warehousing services
  • Export cargo acceptance and flight build up services
  • Import cargo flight breakdown and delivery services
  • Customs control services with document handling and irregularities management
  • Transfer and transit services
  • Mail handling services, express services and Courier shipments
  • Premium cargo handling services
  • Temperature controlled perishable cargo facility
  • Live animal handling services
  • Perishable, dangerous and valuable goods handling services
  • Flowers, Fresh vegetables, Meats and Fish
  • Pharmaceuticals without temperature control
  • HUM (Human Remains) Handling
  • General cargo


We provide –

• Exterior Cleaning

  • Crown Cleaning of the Aircraft
  • Fuselage
  • Wings
  • Landing Gear
  • Engine

• Deep Cleaning

  • Carpet Shampooing with machine
  • Seat
  • Overhead bins, Passenger Service Units and side windows
  • Galleys (Forward / Rear / Mid) as applicable
  • Toilet (Forward / Rear / Below Cabin (A-330) / Upper deck – 747)
  • Cockpit
  • Crew Rest Compartment
  • Cargo Compartment
  • Waste Disposal
  • F/C Coat Compartment
  • Stowage area for service trolleys

• Transit Cleaning to Aircrafts having upto 90 minutes of Ground Time

• Windshield Cleaning

• Changing of Seat Covers


• Replacing / Placing of the Cabin Dressing items such as Head Rest cover, Pillow Cover, Blankets

• Placing of Magazines and News Papers

• Maintaining the sequence of placing Safety Cards, Air Sickness Bags as per Airline requirement

• Replacing / Placing of toiletries

• Maintaining the Cabin Ambience

  • Provide representative on behalf of the Carrier to act exclusively/non-exclusively
  • Represent the Carrier’s interest with regard to resolving governmental and local authorities matters
  • Attend local airport meetings on behalf of the Carrier
  • Negotiate and secure slot(s) and airport facilities, as available, on behalf of the Carrier
  • Liaise with local and Government authorities to ensure that all necessary permits and licenses are applied for, negotiated and secured in advance of each seasonal/operational change
  • Perform and report to Carrier the quality/performance measurements
  • Take action on communications addressed to the Carrier
  • Maintain the Carrier’s manuals, circulars, and other operational documents connected with the performance of the services
  • Check, sign and forward on behalf of the Carrier items including, but not limited to, invoices, supply orders, handling charge notes, work orders
  • Prepare, forward, file and retain messages/reports/statistics/documents and perform administrative duties in passenger services, ramp services, load control, flight operations, cargo/mail services
>> Passenger & Terminal Handling
>> Traffic Operations
>> Ramp Handling
>> Cargo Handling with Warehousing Services at BOM and MAA
>> Cabin Cleaning and Cabin Dressing
>> Station Management