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An Overview

Air India Air Transport Services Limited (AIATSL),with the Brand name: Air India Airport Services (AI APS), is a wholly owned subsidiary company of India’s National Carrier, Air India Limited. It is a leading Ground Handling service provider presently operational at 76Airports in India.

  • Incorporated in 2003 as a subsidiary of Air India to provide manpower on contract to various departments of Air India including Ground Services Department.
  • Consequent to the Government approval AI Airport Services was operationalized on 1st February 2013.
  • Commenced autonomous functioning under the first CEO, Capt. Ashvini Kumar Sharma effective 1st April 2014.
  • Major Ground Handling service provider of India.
  • With an experienced workforce and sophisticated State-of-the-Art Ground Support Equipment, AI Airport Services has endeavoured to provide excellent Ground Handling services at all times.
  • AI Airport Services presently provides Ground Handling services at 76 Airports in India, with around 13000 employees on its payrolls.
  • Has about 20,000 motorized & tow-able Ground Support Equipment throughout India
  • The only Ground Handling Agency authorized by the Government of India, to perform Ground Handling at all Airports in India including Joint Defense User Airports
  • A wide range of Ground Handling services cater to the requirement of over 36 Foreign Scheduled Airlines, 3 Domestic Scheduled Airlines, 4 Regional Airlines, 12 Seasonal Charter Airlines, 23 Foreign Airlines availing Perishable Cargo handling, apart from handling flights of Air India Limited, Air India Express and Alliance Air.
  • Cargo handled during FY 2017-18 around 330 thousand tons.
  • Enjoys a market share of approximately 48% of handling Foreign Carrier flights operating into India.
  • During 2018-19, AI Airport Services is expected to handle approx 1,50,000 scheduled and non-scheduled flights of customer Airlines.
  • Supported by numerous quality certifications and Awards.
  • From being the first and only Ground Handler in India to handle the Airbus A380 on its maiden flight to India, to handling the futuristic 787 Dreamliners at major Airports in India, AI Airport Services is the Ground Handler for all your needs.
  • AI Airport Services provides 5 star, State-of-the-Art specialized range of services befitting world-class Clients to both Scheduled and non-scheduled Airlines.